Instructive Conference on Observed Teaching Practice of Students of the Specialty “Secondary Education. Language and Literature (English)”

On February 7, 2022 at the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​was held an instructive online conference on Observed Teaching Practice for 4th year students majoring in “Secondary Education. Language and Literature (English).” Methodologists from the departments of English Philology, Pedagogy and Educational Management named after Bohdan Stuparyk, and Social Psychology of Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University attended the event.

The head of the practice of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, Associate Professor Ihor Romanyshyn, acquainted the participants with the responsibilities and rights of student-teachers, the main stages and activities during the practice, the content of extracurricular activities in foreign languages, reporting forms and evaluation criteria. Professor Inna Strazhnikova gave advice to students on the effective work of the trainee as a class teacher, and Professor Bohdan Kindratiuk – on keeping a diary of practice, reflection on lessons and extracurricular activities. The students also got acquainted with the method of psychological and pedagogical study of the class and the learner, developed by Associate Professor Nadiia Kuravska. The head of the practice stressed the importance of conducting career guidance activities for high school students with the participation of professors of the English Philology Department.

During the event, the students were active, asking questions on various aspects of organizational and educational work. We are confident that they will cope with all the tasks of the teaching practice and will demonstrate the high level of language, psychological, pedagogical and methodological training they have undergone during the entire period of study on the educational program “Secondary Education (English Language and Literature).”

Good luck to you, dear future colleagues!