Educational linguistic practicum in Turkey

Head of the Department of English Philology, Professor Yakiv Bystrov and Deputy Deans of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, Associate Professors of the Department of English Philology Nataliia Pyliachyk and Nataliia Ivanotchak, together with the representatives of Beysukent College, Head of the English Department Halime Meral Atakul, held a working meeting on the organization of educational linguistic practicum for the students of the Faculty of Foreign Languages. Under the cooperation agreement between Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University and Beysukent College (Ankara, Turkey), 4th year students will conduct online English classes, workshops, and discussion clubs for students. This format of educational practicum in cooperation with external stakeholders will allow students to  gain international pedagogical experience, and will provide conditions for professional adaptation and involvement in professional environment, promote intercultural competence, deepen their knowledge of professional disciplines applying it in practice.