New achievements on the platform Coursera for Campus

Teachers and students of the faculty take every opportunity possible to increase their professional skills even on holidays, because thanks to the administration of Precarpathian National University they gained access to about 4000 different free online courses on the platform Coursera for Campus.  If we were to mention only the numbers, the university has more than 500 certificates to its credit.

The duration of each course differs from three to six weeks in general. The educational process includes watching video lectures, reading recommended scientific articles, taking mid-term and final tests, sometimes writing essays, doing creative tasks and projects.

Olha Artysh, Practical Phonetics teacher, describes the advantages of educational courses by Coursera the following way: «During the academic year, the students of A-21 (г) and A-14 enrolled in a course Tricky American English Pronunciation on the learning platform Coursera. For 4 weeks the students were practicing vowels as well as consonants, learning how to put stress on the correct syllable, and also got a chance to compare American and British English pronunciation. It was interesting talking to people from different parts of the world and evaluating their works as well. By the end of the course everyone has received a certificate, which will definitely be useful in the near future. Due to this course the students enriched their knowledge and received a lot of valuable information. »

«The students of A-23(e) took different courses on the platform Coursera, and some still continue enrolling in more and more. This is a totally new and unique experience for them, because the courses turned out to be full of various tasks, and it is a great opportunity for the  students to revise the material and learn more at the same time. My students are happy to get such a chance because, at first, they had a fear of failure but eventually after getting a certificate realized that it was indeed helpful and informative. » – shares her experience Olha Shunevych, Practical Course of English teacher.

We are proud of our inspiring teachers and students who care about professional development and actively add to their knowledge.