Career guidance online meeting with the students of Burshtyn schools

The faculty hosted an online career guidance meeting with students of 10-11 grades of Burshtyn Secondary school №2 and Burshtyn gymnasium. Dean of the Faculty Natalia Yatskiv and Deputy Deans Natalia Pyliachyk and Natalia Ivanotchak presented the specialties of the faculty, acquainted the entrants with the peculiarities of the educational process and the highlights of learning four foreign languages ​​(English, German, French and Chinese), and discussed the benefits of studying at the faculty and participation in international semester exchange programs.
The information about non-state scholarships was  of particular interest to students.
During the meeting, the faculty alumna Olena Nespyak, who graduated from school # 2 in Burshtyn and is currently a teacher at lyceum # 18 in Ivano-Frankivsk, and a native of Burshtyn, and the third-year student Natalia Tuz  shared experience of studying at the faculty and consulted the prospective students on effective employment after graduating from the faculty.
We are grateful to the headmaster of Secondary School N2 Natalia Boychuk and the headmaster of Burshtyn Gymnasium Olga Oliynyk, as well as all the school teachers and active students for their fruitful cooperation and interest.
We are looking forward to new numerous admissions to our faculty of our friends from Burshtyn!