Students of the faculty study at Lodz University on Mobility Direct exchange program

In the framework of international cooperation, the students of the faculty gained a unique opportunity of studying at the Faculty of Philology of Lodz University on the exchange program  Mobility Direct. 4th year student Bohdana Lacko shares her impressions of studying: “Student years are probably the best period for gaining new experience and networking in our home country and abroad. This year, thanks to the Mobility Direct program, I got a great opportunity to study in one of the best universities of Poland. The program allows to choose subjects and courses during the semester, and each exchange student can study the disciplines that interest him most. At the University, in particular at the Faculty of Philology (Wydział Filologiczny UŁ), I was pleasantly surprised by the lecturers’ attitude towards the exchange students and their sincere desire to help them adapt as quickly as possible, get used to the new system of education and solve any issues in organizing their studying process. Being here only the third week, I can confidently say – it’s an incredibly cool experience! It is important to remember that as we acquire something new, we always grow and develop. Therefore, I advise you not to miss this opportunity and be sure to participate in this program! “