Faculty students study on the platform Coursera for Campus

During the quarantine, faculty students were given a unique opportunity to take free online courses on the Coursera platform. All students of group A-31 (b), under the guidance of Associate Professor Pylyachyk N. E., and group A-32 (h), under the guidance of Associate Professor O.I. Bilyk, successfully passed their chosen courses and received the certificates: «Speak English Professionally: In Person, Online & On the Phone» (Olha Yurchyshyn, Diana Mosiak, Mariya Chmutova, Victoria Nakonechna, Andrii Hoisan, Tanya Lukach, Sofia Serafyn, Victoria Masnyuk, Solomia Sadivska, Uliana Tsybyk, Olga Shkivul), «Mindshift: Break Through Obstacles to Learning and Discover your Hidden Potential» (Maria Kramar, Ivanna Hnat), «Work Smarter, not Harder: Time management for Personal & Professional Productivity» (Mariya Chmutova), «Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master though subjects» (Alexander Vasiltsiv, Lilia Voitovych; «Tricky English Grammar» (Romanna Melnyk, Alina Rusnak); «Grammar and Punctuation» (Natalia Dutchyn, Nazariy Solodkiy, Andriana Pylypchynets, Mykhailo Drapan, Victoria Vynograd, Veronica Kharuk, Vitaliia Humeniak).

Third-year students who study English as a second foreign language are also not far behind their colleagues. Students of group H-31 (b), under the guidance of teacher Malyshivska I. V., also successfully completed courses on the platform Coursera for Campus: “Introduction to Psychology” from Yale University and “Understanding Memory: Explaining the Psychology of Memory through Movies” from Wesleyan University (Mazuryk Solomiya, Mysiv Iryna, Zakalyk Karolina, Sirko Natalia). “Studying online courses is a great opportunity to improve your English language skills and gain practical skills in evaluating the work of others. But these are not the only advantages of the courses. An equally important advantage is that we have free access to educational materials from the best universities in the world. Another plus is the opportunity to study anywhere and anytime,” the students share their impressions.

We are proud of our smart students who care about their professional development and actively replenish their knowledge.