English Language Teaching Methodology Course Project

As a result of the completion of the Unit Working with Materials, delivered by the Associate Professor of the Chair of English Philology Sabadash Diana Volodymyrivna, students of A-32 (subgroup I) worked out projects on lesson planning. The Unit forms a part of the English Language Teaching Methodology course which is taught within the framework of the ‘New Generation School Teacher’ project initiated jointly by the British Council Ukraine and the Ministry of  Education and Science of Ukraine and implemented at the Faculty of Foreign Languages.

The students had to select materials and prepare lesson plans on the topic Food for the seventh form, taking into account that a mixed ability class contains pupils with diverse learners’ needs, learning styles, level of English, motivation, interests and multiple intelligences.

The students have coped with the task successfully and presented their projects followed by lively discussion. The project has demonstrated the students’ profound understanding of the learned material and their ability to apply it to a certain learning context.