Student of the Faculty Тetyana Kozlivska has become a scholarship holder of the fund “Povir u sebe”

The final stage of the competitive selection of students of the Precarpathian University for a scholarship from the Charitable Foundation Povir u sebe (Believe in Yourself) has been completed. The scholarship program aims to support talented children from rural areas who want to get a qualitative higher education, get a profession and realize themselves as individuals.

This year, 15 of our best students became scholarship holders of the Povir u sebe (Believe in Yourself) Charitable Foundation, and during the 2021-2022 academic year they will receive a monthly scholarship from the Foundation in the amount of UAH 2,000.
The list of scholarship holders is as follows Perchyk Maryana, Fedora Natalia, Filipova Romana (Educational Sciences Faculty); Krill Oleg (Faculty of History, Political Science and International Relations); Ostashchuk Roman (Educational and Scientific Institute of Kolomyia); Lapchuk Ivanna, Haruk Sviatoslav (Faculty of Natural Sciences); Boyko Oksana (Faculty of Philology); Marusyak Victoria (Faculty of Economics); Lenik Victoria-Maria (Faculty of Psychology); Smalyuga Oksana (Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics); Katanova Lilia (Faculty of Physics and Technology); Golubovska Yana (Educational and Scientific Law Institute); Shatruk Victoria, Yarema Lydia (Institute of Postgraduate Education and Pre-University Training).
Nine students of PNU receive financial assistance from the Povir u sebe (Believe in Yourself) Charitable Foundation in paying for the cost of living in the university dormitory for the 2021-2022 academic year: Shamliy Oksana (Faculty of Philology); Tatiana Kozlivska (Faculty of Foreign Languages); Slivinska Ulyana (Faculty of Pedagogy); Yasinska Maryana (Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics); Britska Victoria (Faculty of Psychology); Guk Alexander (Faculty of Physical Education and Sports); Natalia Kryzhanovska (Educational and Scientific Law Institute); Tetyana Tominets (Faculty of Physics and Technology).
For the last four years Vasyl Stefanyk Precrpathian National University, together with the Povir u sebe (Believe in Yourself) Charitable Foundation, has been implementing a project to support students from rural areas. The cooperation takes place within the framework of the bilateral agreement, signed in 2018. During this period, about a hundred of our students from rural areas received assistance from the Foundation.
Prykarpathian University is grateful to the founders of the Believe in Yourself Charitable Foundation, Iryna and Viktor Ivanchyk, for the cooperation and support of student youth of the Ivano-Frankivsk region.

For reference
The Povir u sebe (Believe in Yourself) Charitable Foundation is a non-profitable organization founded by Viktor and Iryna Ivanchyk in 2009. The purpose of the fund is to promote the development of education, material and spiritual support for young talents.